Here we include our release notes for past releases in sequential order.


This releases adds some new features along with some minor improvements and fixes.

Changes and New Features

  • Add pairwise_downsample option for pairwise distance optimization in Reductions.evaluate method.

  • Add example datasets for the GitHub repo.

  • Improve docstrings for documentations.

  • Improve unit tests for coverage.


  • The comparison_classes parameter of the EvaluationMetrics.embedding_concordance method will no longer accept str input.


This is the first official release of CytofDR with LTS.

Changes and New Features

  • Support for magic methods: print and [] for Reductions class

  • Add names attributes to Reductions class

  • Add custom DR evaluation

  • Add functions to save DR embeddings and evaluations

  • Improve documentation and docstrings


  • This is the first offical pre-release of CytofDR.

  • Most of the pipeline is complete, including DR, evaluation, ranking, and plotting.

  • Extensive documentation and tutorial complete.

  • This release aims to aid the completion of our development and tool chain.

  • We are on conda and PyPI!


This is not an official stable release. Please wait for v0.1.0 in the near future.