Contribution Guideline

We’re thrilled that you’re here! There is nothing better than your enthusiam to help us grow, fix, or simply start new discussions! Here, you will find a few guidelines on what we expect from our contributors and how you can a meaningful contribution without having to guess what we do!

Bugs and Issues

I know, I know, nobody likes bugs! If you do encounter an issue, please head to our GitHub Issues Page and create an issue. There is a suggested template for Bug Report, which can be very helpful for everyone. Please be specific about the issue that you’re having, and we will try our best to give guidence and potentially fix the issue.

If you would like to contribute by fixing the issue you’re experiencing, feel free to mention this in the issue and submit a pull request. Take a look at the Pull Request request section of this page.

Feature Request

Everyone can have great ideas, and this is a great opportunity to let us know how you would like to improve CytofDR. Again, on our GitHub Issues Page has a template for Feature Request that you can use to talk about your ideas! However, another great place to talk about ideas or just to get the conversations started is our new Discussion Page.

Please also look at our Project Roadmap to get an idea of where we’re headed. However, it never hurts to ask even if your idea is different from our plan.

Pull Requests

This is where you can submit your own code and contribute to our codebase. We always welcome contributions! Here, you can find a few guidelines to get a better idea to better facilitate this process:

  1. Submit a Issue here or comment on a previous issue to let us know that you’re contributing!

  2. Follow the standard workflow! You can find many guides, such as this one.

  3. Make sure all current tests pass! And add new tests or modify existing ones accordingly. We srtive to achieve (almost) 100% test coverage.

  4. Submit a Pull Request.

  5. Make sure that all CI workflow is successful.

  6. We will review the changes and keep you updated. If all is well, we will merge and update!