Here are the most recent releases and changes of cytomulate. Currently, we’re still under developmet. Therefore, we don’t have any official releases. However, check out our git history to see what we’re doing!

Latest Release: v0.3.0

This is a minor maintenance update of v0.2.x with a few improvements on documentation and docstrings.

Changes and New Features

  • Add minmax normalization option for the evaluation.EvaluationMetric.EMD method

  • Add alternative implementation of evaluation.EvaluationMetric.NPE with total variation distance (TVD)

  • Allow both min-max EMD and and TVD NPE for automatic evaluation of DR methods


  • Docstrings and documentations reformatted for clarity


  • (Since v0.2.0) The comparison_classes parameter of the EvaluationMetrics.embedding_concordance method will no longer accept str input.