Development and Roadmap

We commit to supporting this package on a long term: we want you to feel supported and want to hear your experiences. Here, you will find our roadmap and our maintenance commitments.

Project Roadmap and Milestones

Our package has hit so many milestones so far! And better yet, we have even more updates planned for the future! Here, we would like to

Achieved Milestones

  • Framwork for DR methods

  • DR evaluation framework and ranking with builtin clustering

  • Documentation and package preparation

Future Milestones

  • Add support for custom evaluation framework

  • Add more mapping/transform capabilities beyond LLE and Isomap

Future Support and Maintenance

Pre-release (e.g. 0.0.x)

  • We are currently on pre-release!

  • Pre-releases do not follow the regular maintenance schedule

  • Support period: The next release supersedes the previous.

Patches (e.g. x.x.1):

  • Bug fixes and improvements that are urgently needed.

  • No new features or breaking changes.

  • Suport period: Only the latest patch of the minor release will be supported.

Minor Updates (e.g. x.1.x):

  • Minor updates consist of new features.

  • No breaking changes unless otherwise noted or absolutely critical.

  • Support period: Two minor release cycles. (v.1.0.0 will be supported until the release of v.1.3.0)

Major Updates (e.g. 2.0.0):

  • Major new features and breaking changes.

  • Deprecations will be removed!

  • Support period: Same as minor updates (Some versions may get extended support).


  • All deprecations will have clear warnings and be included in release notes.

  • Deprecations will be removed in the next major release.

  • Backwards compatibility will be maintained before their removal.